Aragwadhadi Kashayam

Aragwadhadi kashayam is a decoction made up of herbs mentioned in ancient Ayurveda text Astang Hrudaya. The formulation pacifies Kapha and Pitta doshas in the body. This Kashayam is best blood purifier and hence it is mainly used in all types of skin disorders with severe itching, wounds, ulcers, pruiritus, urticaria, scabies and diabetic foot

Eladi Thailam & Eladi Coconut Oil

Eladi Thailam is an ayurvedic medicated oil prepared with herbal paste, water and sesame oil as base. In the similar way Eladi Kera/coconut Thailam is prepared using coconut oil as base. Properties of both Thailams/oils are different due to change in base oil. Eladi Thailam pacifies Vata Dosha and Kapha Dosha. Eladi Kera Thailam also pacifies Pitta Dosha, thus

Triphala Choornam

Triphala has been described in the ancient Ayurvedic text as a Rasayana dravya(Rejuvenating herb) and in Virecan Gana (purgative herb). As the name itself indicates “Triphala” being a combination of three herbs like Haritaki(Terminalia Chebula) + Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellerica) + Amala (Embilica Officinialis). It is usually equal proportion or by mixing one part of Haritaki, two parts of Bibhitaki and four parts of Amalaki. It is also known by these names Vara, phalatrikam and sreshthatamam.

Hinguvachadi Choornam

“Hinguvachadi Choornam-Best Herbal remedy to IMPROVE DIGESTION” “Hing” is well-known for its gas-relieving properties. It is good for gas-type constipation, piles and hiccup, as well as back-ache due to gas-build up in the colon. Hinguvachadi Choornam is an herbal medicine of Ayurveda that has miraculous results in digestive troubles such as indigestion, anorexia, flatulence and

Thaleesapathradi Choornam

Recurrent cough and cold is very common problem for all age groups. “Thaleesapathradi Choornam” is one of the best ayurvedic herbal remedy for prevention and cure of this problem. Thaleespathradi Choornam is a mixture of seven dry herbal powder/spices .Ingredients-1. Talisapatra ( Abies Webbiana)2. Maricha ( Piper Nigrum)3. Shunthi (Zingiber Officinale)4. Pippali (Piper Longum)5.Vamshalochan (

Avipathi Choornam

Avipathi Choornam is a famous ayurvedic herbal powder, used in treatment of pitta imbalance disorders as Shodhana ( Purification)& Shamana (Alleviating) medication. Vipathi means calamity, adversity or misfortune . So avipathi literally means which does not produce any harmful effects. As name suggests, Avipathi choornam is one of the simplest and effective herbal mixture commonly


Tagara is known as Indian valerian in English. The root stock of this herb have natural aromatic oils. The root and rhizome of the herb used for medicinal purposes.  Tagara – valerian wallichii is a plant described in Ayurveda for the treatment of wounds, arthritis, cough, asthma, general debility, fever and cases of animal bite.


Moringa seeds are obtained from the pods of the drumstick. Fresh  moringa seeds are quite tender, but when it get dried, it become hard. It can be steamed, boiled or roasted for various purposes . Moringa seeds  offer many nutritional benefits . Moringa seeds contain: Health benefits of Moringa seeds Lowers blood pressure. Lowers Cholesterol level.

YASTIMADHU (Glycyrizza glabra)

In Sanskrit it is called yastimadhu – ‘yashti’ meaning stem or stalk and madhu, meaning ‘sweet’. In Ayurvedic medicine yastimadhu regarded as a stomach and lung tonic herb Synonyms Botanical Name- Glycyrizza glabraEnglish Name- LiquoriceHindi Name- MulathiTamil Name- AthimathuranMalayalam- Irattimadhuram It helps to balance the aggravated vata (air) and pitta (heat) in the body. It

Neem (Azadirachta Indica)

Sarvaroga Nivarini: In ayurvedic texts it is described as ‘Sarvaroga Nivarini’ means ‘Panacea- one that cure all aliments or diseases’. Neem Popularly known as ‘Margosa’  is probably one of the oldest and most widely used medicinal plant in India. Every part of Neem tree  possess unique therapeutic value and is  also known  as the “Village