All packages are valid for one year from the date of purchase
Om Vedic is not GST registered and all priced seen here are NETT

Abhyanga (30 mins)+ Kizhi/steam/pichu (15 mins)

$45 (UP:$65) min purchase of 7 sessions

$40(UP:$650) min purchase of 14 sessions + 1 session free

Abhyanga (30mins) + Shirodhara (30mins)/ Kashayadhara

$75(UP:$105)min purchase of 7 sessions

$70(UP:$105)min purchase of 14 sessions +1 session free

DETOX (body cleansing) : 13 days programme

$500 Incl. medicines (UP:$550++)

Pain Management(PICHU+L.ABH+KIZHI)/ Kati Vasti/Janu Vasthi

$50(UP:$65) min purchase of 7 sessions+ 1 free

Nasyam /Tarpanam

$40(UP:$50)min purchase of 7 sessions

HERBAL FACIAL $45/Session (UP:$60)

MIN Purchase of 7 sessions + 1 session free

All treatment packages are covered by bolttech (Singlife) Insurance. Self registration link will be sent to clients via SMS / email by insurance provider. Please note self registration is mandatory. Only upon completion of self registration insurance and package utilization will be activated. *T & C Apply

Call or WA 91133225

Ayurvedic Herbal Ball Massage : Small herbal boluses (potlis) containing herbs, rice, sand etc. are heated and lightly pounded over the body or specific parts of the body as needed.
Shirolepam : Ayurvedic treatment in which herbal paste is applied over the scalp, and retained for 45- 60 minutes.