Shirolepam (Herbal Hair Pack)
Shirolepam or Thalam, is a special kind of therapy for the scalp, and it is extremely useful in the treatment of disorders related to the scalp and skin. ‘Shiro’ means head and ‘Lepam’ means application of herbal paste. This therapy is also considered as a rejuvenation therapy for the scalp and hair, as it nourishes hair follicles, which will reduce hair fall and avoid premature greying of hair.

Shirolepam Therapy involves soothing oil massage to head, neck and shoulder. Then a thick layer of specially prepared herbal paste made of various herbs and herbal powders, is applied over the scalp and retained for 45 minutes.

Benefits of Shirolepam:

  • Prevents hairfall
  • Promotes stronger and healthier hair growth
  • Controls dandruff
  • Prevents premature greying of hair
  • It nourishes the scalp and the head
  • Useful for skin diseases
  • Relieves tension and fatigue
  • Reduces mental stress
  • Helps to improve concentration
  • It promotes undisturbed sleep

Shirolepam is also beneficial to reduce medical conditions such as migraines, insomnia, hypertension and dry vision syndrome.

Henna Hair Care & Hair Colouring

Henna, also known as Hina, is an evergreen and flowering plant. The origin of using henna for beauty began in Egypt. The earliest use of Henna was in 1200 BC when it was used to dye the hair and nails of pharaohs. It’s even said that Cleopatra herself used henna to adorn her body.

The art of hair colouring is ancient. People used natural plant dyes like Henna and Indigo to dye their hair. Recently people have started highlighting or dying their hair with chemicals.

Henna is a natural dye and strengthens, conditions and nourishes your hair.

Henna leaves are dried and crushed to make a fine powder that provides the red-ish brown dye. This powder is mixed with other natural ingredients like black tea to color the hair. It’s important to note that there are actually three varieties of henna – Natural henna, neutral henna, and black henna.

Natural henna also known as red henna, produces a rich-brown stain that can darken in the days after it is first applied. Natural henna is a pure form of henna unlike neutral or black henna which may not actually contain henna, but are instead made from other plants or dyes. If you want to dye your hair naturally, without causing any damage from harmful chemicals, this is the henna that you should use.

Neutral henna as the name itself specifies, this kind of henna doesn’t give any kind of colour to the hair. This powder is not from the plant Henna, instead, it is from a plant called Senna Italica. Some people use it as an alternative to henna when they want to condition their hair naturally without dyeing. 

Black henna is derived from Indigo and can contain unlisted dyes and chemicals such as PPD (para-phenylenediamine). PPD stains skin black quickly but can cause severe allergic reactions and permanent scarring if left on for more than 2–3 days. If you don’t like the red tint that comes with using henna and want to dye your hair black, we recommend that you use only pure indigo powder. You can dye your hair black naturally by using Indigo Powder and Henna Powder.

At Om Vedic and Ayur Veda Pharmacy, we use Pure Henna Powder followed by Pure Indigo Powder as a Natural Hair Dyes.

Henna does more than just colouring. BENEFITS OF USING HENNA FOR HAIR

1. Nourishes the Scalp

Henna has a cooling effect on the scalp. The antifungal and antimicrobial properties of henna help in fighting against various scalp issues like dandruff, scalp itchiness, etc.

2. Balances Oil production

Not only does henna helps you in keeping issues like dandruff at bay, but it is also an excellent ingredient for balancing the pH and oil production of your scalp. It helps in removing the excess oils from your hair, unclogging follicles and restoring the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

3. Prevents Hair Fall and Boosts Hair Growth

The boosted scalp health, balanced pH levels, and unclogged pores, prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. Henna not only helps in growing your hair faster but also improves the texture of your hair.

4. Strengthens and Nourishes the Hair

The nutrients in henna help repair hair damage while also nourishing your hair. It prevents hair cuticle from opening preventing hair damage. This indeed helps in improving hair elasticity.

5. Conditions Hair

Henna helps in building a protective barrier around each one of your hair shafts, locking in the moisture and keeping the hair conditioned. Henna helps in minimizing issues like split ends and hair breakage.

At Om Vedic and Ayur Veda Pharmacy we offer various hair packs including henna hair packs to which we add herbs and natural ingredients such as hibiscus, amla, coconut milk, lime, bhringaraj and others.

We use 100% organic henna that doesn’t contain any kind of chemicals and additives to reap its benefits. To improve the colour, most of the henna powder manufacturers use chemicals such as PPD (paraphenylenediamine) which are harmful and can result in the following problems.

  • PPD is an allergen that can cause adverse reactions when it comes in contact with the skin. You might not have a reaction from the first couple of uses. But, the more your skin comes in contact with these chemicals, the more likely you are to have an allergic reaction.
  • Some chemicals in henna powders can also be extremely drying. They may end up over-processing your hair and make it rough, dry and unmanageable. This results in issues like bad hair texture, breakage, dandruff, and extremely unmanageable hair.