Proper adherence to this regimen results in faster recuperation and restoration of the health of the mother. Ayurveda says that after delivery mothers Agni will be low and Vata is vitiated immideately after delivery. Hence if Sutika Paricharya is followed properly it results in faster restoration of health of a mother and attain puerperium health and rejuvenation.

Sutika Paricharya mainly includes:
Proper Ahara(diet), Vihara (lifestyle), Abhyangam (Medicated Oil Massage) and Aushadhi (Medicines)

  1. Sutika Ahara (Diet):
    – Food should be light and easily digestible.
    – Consume freshly prepared, hot semisolid food.
    – Food should not be too spicy, sour, cold etc.
    – Consume boiled lukewarm water throughout the day.
  2. Sutika Vihara (Lifestyle):
    Room for sutika(mother) and baby should be warm,quiet, dust mite and insect free. They should avoid going out in windy, cold and very hot climate. She should wear loose and warm cotton clothes. Should take hot water bath every day after oil massage.
  3. Aushadi (Medicines):
    Agni deepanam (normalises digestive fire), Yoni Shodhanam (cleanses uterus), Ama Pachana (relieves toxins), Dhato Balya (attain physical fitness), Vata Dosha shaman(pacifies vata), Vatanulomana(enhance prokinetic effect of vata), Stanya jananam (improves lactation quality & quantity);Ā Strengthens and improves digestion power, Helps produce sufficient breast milk, Prevents infections and helps improve immunity
  4. Abhyangam (Medicated Oil Massage):
    – Increases circulation, help reduce oedema and swelling.
    – Lubricate the joints and relives stiffness.
    – Helps in elimination of impurities from the body.
    – Helps to tone muscles and thus to reverse her normal pre-pregnancy shape.
    – Improve skin tone, soothes nerves and pulse to function properly.

Medicines helpful for post natal care: Dhanwantaram kashayam, Dhanwantaramarishtam, Dasamoolarishtam, Jirakadyarishtam, Draksharishtam, Vidarayadi kashayam, Ashwagandhadi lehyam, Chyavanaprasam, Dhanwantaram gulika, Shatavari.

Oils for Abhyangam : Dhanwantaram Kuzhambu, Balaswagandhadi Tailam, Lakshadi Tailam, Sahcharadi Tailam.