Eyes are rightly regarded as windows to the soul, and the precise meaning of this phrase would mean that you can look into the eyes of an individual and decipher the nature of his/her soul. It is highly vital to recognize and practice the supportive Ayurveda Eye Care tips and treatments for health and longevity of the eyes.

Shalakya Tantra (Opthalmology according to Ayurveda)

Shalakya Tantra is one among the Eight branches of Ayurveda known as “Ashtanga Ayurveda”. Shalakya Tantra is the study of Eye, Ear, Nose and Head in Ayurveda which corresponds to the modern ENT specialization.

We can find the detailed description of Eye diseases in Shalakya Tantra. Ayurveda has given a comprehensive classification of Netra Rogas. The art of classifying them under different categories depending on the predominant Doshas, site of the disease and prognosis displays the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic Seers and teachers in viewing the eye disorders in a multi-dimensional way. The precise knowledge they had about the eye and its disorders and the way in which they have documented them is highly commendable.

Classification of the eye diseases:

  1. Based on Dosha Predominance
  2. Based on the location of the eye disease.
  3. Based on the surgical/ Treatment methods adopted to treat the disease
  1. Based on Dosha Predominance: –
  • Vataja Netra Rogas: These are total 10 in number, which is caused by Vata vitiation, predominantly.
  • Pittaja Netra Rogas: These are total 10 in number, which is caused by Pitta vitiation, predominantly.
  • Kaphaja Netra Rogas: These are total 13 in number, which is caused by Pitta vitiation, predominantly.
  • Sannipataja/ Sarvagata Netra Rogas: These are total 25 in number, which is caused by predominant vitiation of all the three Doshas.
  • Raktaja Netra Rogas: These are total 16 in number, which is caused by the vitiation of Blood.
  • Baahyaja/Agantuja Netra Rogas: Eye diseases caused on the surface or the exterior of the eye, include traumatic injuries as well.

    2. Based on the location: – (There are 76 eye diseases based on the location in which they manifest)
  • Sandhigata Rogas: 9 (diseases occurring at the junctions of the eye)
  • Vartamagata Rogas: 21 (diseases occurring in the eyelids)
  • Shuklagata Rogas: 11 (diseases occurring in the sclera)
  • Krushagata Rogas: 4 (diseases occurring in the Cornea and Iris)
  • Sarvashrayagata Rogas: 17 (diseases occurring all over the eye)
  • Drushtigata Rogas: 12 (diseases occurring in the visual field or Retina)
  • Baahyaja: 2 (diseases occurring on the exterior, Traumatic)

    3. Based on treatment & Prognosis: –
  • Chedya Netra Rogas: 11 (Curable by Excision)
  • Lekhya Netra Rogas: 9 (Curable by Scraping)
  • Bhedya Netra Rogas: 5 (Curable by Incision)
  • Vyadhya Netra Rogas: 15 (Curable by Puncturing)
  • Ashastra Netra Rogas: 14 (Diseases in which surgical intervention is contraindicated)
  • Yaapya Netra Rogas: 7 (Manageable diseases)  
  • Asadhya Netra Rogas: 17 (Incurable diseases)