Eladi Thailam is an ayurvedic medicated oil prepared with herbal paste, water and sesame oil as base. In the similar way Eladi Kera/coconut Thailam is prepared using coconut oil as base.

Properties of both Thailams/oils are different due to change in base oil. Eladi Thailam pacifies Vata Dosha and Kapha Dosha. Eladi Kera Thailam also pacifies Pitta Dosha, thus it balances all three doshas.

It is very effective herbal oil in most of the acute & chronic skin disorders, thus detoxifying the skin by flushing out excess toxins. It reduces itchiness and irritation of skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties too.

Helpful & Effective in Skin conditions like:

-Acne Vulgaris
-Pruritus (itching)
-Poisonous bites
-Chronic catarrh

Other uses of Eladi oil:

  1. Improves complexion and hydrates Skin
  2. Helpful in treating pigmentation (hypo or hyper), scars etc.
  3. It can be used in scalp massage as well as for full body massage.
  4. It is used as anti-ageing by reducing wrinkles and maintaining the skin texture.

Indication for Use:

  1. Application on Face -Take a few drops of Eladi Thailam on palm, rub it over both palms and apply it after face wash. Remove excessive oil if any with tissue.
  2. Application on affected area – Take a enough quantity of Eladi Thailam and apply it on affected part of the skin. Leave it for several hours or overnight. It should be used 2 to 3 times a day