Originating from the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, which translates to “knowledge of life,” Shirodhara is a Sanskrit term composed of two words: “shiro” meaning head, and “dhara” meaning flow. Together, they describe the continuous pouring of warm herbal oil or other liquids onto the forehead in a rhythmic and steady manner. The Process: Shirodhara


Navarkizhi is a form of sweat inducing massage treatment. It is called “Shashtika shali pinda sweda” in Sanskrit and “Njanavarkizhi” in Kerala Ayurveda practice. This “sweda” or fomentation is done using milk and rice. It is processed with medicinal plants (herbs) root and a special type of rice that is navar rice which is harvested

Dinacharya or Daily Routine

To maintain the health of a healthy person Ayurveda provides guidelines an Ideal Daily Routine called “Dincharya” and Seasonal routine called “Rutucharya”. The uniqueness of these routines is that it is in Harmony with nature’s daily and yearly cycle, respectively. DINCHARYA (IDEAL DAILY ROUTINE)What is Dinacharya? Dinacharya (दिनचर्या) refers to the ayurvedic daily routine recommendations that

Introduction to Ayurveda

Aim of Ayurveda –“Swasthasya Swasthya RakshanamAturasya Vikar Prashamanam cha!” The main aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of the healthy person and to cure the disease(s) of the sick person. Thus, Ayurveda focuses on maintaining one’s health and not just freedom from physical diseases. Ayurveda’s definition of health –Sama dosha sama agnischa sama

Aama (Toxins)

What is AMA in Ayurveda? AMA is a distinctive and peculiar concept in Ayurveda. “AMA” in Sanskrit literally means undigested, raw, unripe or unbaked food substance. In Ayurvedic Classics it is the product of metabolic defect. It is formed due to improperly metabolized by-product of undigested food due to slow or low Agni (Digestive fire).

Agni (Digestive Fire)

“You are what you Digest” and not just “what you eat”!What is Digestive Fire or Agni according to Ayurveda? Agni is a Sanskrit word which means digestive fire. It represents enzymes responsible for digestion and metabolism. Agni (digestive fire) plays a vital role in metabolism and proper functioning of the body. In essence, it is

Full Body Warm Oil Massage

Abhyangam Application of oil to the skin followed by massage in specific direction is known as ABHYANGA.It is a therapeutic procedure where the selection of oil is choosen based on the PRAKRITI. It involves rubbing of the skin with herbalised oil (usually sesame oil is the base) to increase blood circulation and drawing toxins out

Preconception Detox

Only a Healthy father and a Healthy Mother, can give birth to a healthy child. For that we have to do sodhana (detox) before conception. In ayurveda it is said that for a healthy pregnancy and healthy child 4 factors are very important.1. Ritu (Menstual cycles)2. Kshetra(Healthy uterus)3. Beeja (Healthy sperm)4. Ambu (nourishment to the

Keeping Eyes Healthy

Akshi Tarpanam Eyes are the most important, delicate and beautiful sensory organ in our body.According to Ayurveda Pitta Dosha (element of fire) governs our eyes. When it is in balance-eyes are healthy, bright, clear with sharp eye sight.Due to improper diet and lifestyle Pitta Dosha gets aggrevated in the body causing imbalance in the eyes.