Tagara is known as Indian valerian in English. The root stock of this herb have natural aromatic oils. The root and rhizome of the herb used for medicinal purposes.  Tagara – valerian wallichii is a plant described in Ayurveda for the treatment of wounds, arthritis, cough, asthma, general debility, fever and cases of animal bite.

Classical Categorization

In Charaka Samhita – Sheeta Prashanama – cold relieving group of herbs Tikta Skandha – bitter tasting group of herbs Part used – Root, rhizome

Dosage – Powder of root 1 to 3 grams

Ayurveda Properties and Action of Tagara

•    Rasa(taste of tongue) – Kashaya(Astringent), Katu (Pungent), Tikta ( Bitter)
•    Guna (Pharmacological action) – Laghu (Light), Snigdha (Unctuous)
•    Virya (Action) –  Ushna (Hot)
•    Vipaka(Transformed state after digestion) – Katu(Pungent) Reduces vata, kapha and increases pitta. It has property of digestion and gives feeling of light ness. It cures diseases of vata.

Ayurvedic Action

•    Vishagna – Poison- destroying
•    Tridoshahara – Corrects the imbalance of vata, pitta, kapha
•    Rakta dosha hara – Blood purifying
•    Manasa dosha hara – Cures psychological disorders.

Important Therapeutic uses of Tagara

•    Disturbed sleep, insomnia, mental fatigue.
•    Anxiety, stress, restlessness, nervousness, depression, epilepsy.

Health Benefits of Tagara

•    It calms the mind
•    It corrects sleep cycle
•    It supports better sleep
•    It helps to reduce stress, anxiety & irritability
•    It removes obstruction from the nerves. It gives relief in pain
•    It is hot potency & reduces kapha
•    Provides sedative & sleep enhancing properties.

External Application

•    The paste of the root of Tagara is applied over the joints in cases of arthritis to relieve the pain.
•    The paste of the root of tagara is applied over the area affected with insect bite and scorpion sting.
•    The paste of the root of tagara is applied externally over the area affected with skin diseases like discoloration and ring worm.

Following medicines contains tagara: Pippalyasavam Vilwadi gulika, Stress support.

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