Virechana means medicated purgation. It eliminates the metabolic toxins through anal canal. Although it is mainly recommended for eliminating the vitiated Pitta, it is used for Kapha & Vata as well.

Causes of Pitta Vitiation:

  • Pitta is Bioenergy, responsible for all sorts of metabolic activities. Pitta is having qualities like fire, heat, hot, sharp & light. Pitta get vitiated due to excess eating of Pungent, sour & salty food, Excessive spicy food like pickles, chatni, chilly sauces, citrus fruits like lemon, oranges etc. preservative containing foods like sauces, pack foods, curd, sour butter milk, fish. Sun exposure, prolonged fasting, late night work, chemical exposure can also provoke Pitta. Anger, grief, fear like emotions also makes Pitta imbalance.
  • Most important thing is Pitta & Rakta dhatu are closely related with each other .So vitiated Pitta makes impure blood. Impure blood is the chief cause of many skin disorders. So virechana is strongly recommended in many skin disorders.

Types of Virechana

  • In this type, purgation substance firstly acts on the waste material. The waste material (stool) is formed in its proper form. After that its constitution is destructed and is eliminated through the body in semi solid or liquid form.
  • This process is known as Anulomana. It is the mildest form of virechana. E.g. Haritaki (performs the function of Anulomana).
  • Some other examples – Avipattikar churna, Sukhasarak churna, Trivrutta avaleha, Castor oil
  • Used in abdominal distension due to gas or in mild constipation
  • The purgative substance only scratches the waste material stick to the wall of intestine and eliminates through the body. This process is known as Sransana. It is little stronger than anulomana. Its action is quicker than anulomana.
  • Aragwadh (Cassia fistula) performs the function of sransana.
  • This type of Virechan is used in the patients with madhyam koshtha.
  • The purgative substances destruct the rigid constitution of fully formed waste material and excrete it in the liquid form. The process is known as Bhedana. It is stronger than Sransana.
  • Kutki (picrorrhiza kurroo) performs the function of Bhedan. It is given in the patients with krura koshtha.
  • It is used in Hepatitis, Jaundice especially in obstructive form.
  • The purgative substance destruct the rigid constitution of waste material (either fully formed or not) & eliminate it in the liquid form, is known as Rechana. It is the strongest form of the virechana. Trivruta (Operculina terpethum) performs the function of rechana.

Indications — Diseases created due to Pitta Prakop & Rakta dushti.

  • Digestive tract problems like nausea, hyperacidity, fatty liver, ascites, jaundice, worm infestations
  • Respiratory conditions like bronchial asthma, cough and nasal discharge
  • Joint disorders like Amavata (RA), Gout (Vata Rakta)
  • Virechana is used to purify the blood hence is used in Skin diseases like Acne, eczema, allergic dermatitis, urticaria, skin pigmentation, psoriasis etc.
  • Virechan is indicated in anemia, recurrent headache, acidity as vitiated pitta is the main cause of all of these.
  • Ascites & Paralysis.
  • Surgical conditions like- Fistula-in-ano, Hemorrhoids, Inguinal hernia, malignant tumors, thyroid swelling etc.
  • It is used in female infertility, before Rejuvenation therapy, sexual problems in males.


As Virechan causes water loosing body, so debility or weakness due to any reason is contraindication for Virechana. Pregnancy, old age, children, very thin or very fat people, severe weakness, dehydrated patient, acute fever, diarrhea & dysentery, heart diseases, post natal period, ulceration in the anus, undiagnosed GI bleeding, cystocele, prolapsed uterus.

Virechana Benefits

  • After a successful virechana, digestion improves, appetite increases, abdominal bloating & heaviness disappear.
  • The mind feels calm & clear, skin inflammation clears & body feels clean, strong & vital.
  • Virechana therapy promotes metabolism & assimilation by stimulating the digestive fires of all the tissues, simultaneously cleanses waste products & burns ama (Toxins).
  • It is excellent for all Pitta-related disorders such as- malabsorption, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, leprosy, leukoderma, hyperacidity, colitis, urticaria, hemorrhoids, headaches, migraine and allergies.
  • It also reduces excessive body heat & acidity, deeply cleanses the blood, liver & bile, promotes clarity of mind, sharpens the sense organs, strengthens & rejuvenates bodily tissues & improves digestion.
  • It is excellent for persons suffering from gout, fever, skin diseases, hematemesis, hemorrhoids, anemia, worms, headaches, chest pains, burning eyes, cataracts, asthma, jaundice, epilepsy, ascites, lactation, disorders of the bones/joints & gynecological disorders.

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