Heat build up in the body is underlying cause of many diseases.
According to Ayurveda it is due to aggravation of Pitta Dosha. Pitta is made up of fire and water elements.

When weather gets warmer, the heat in the body also increases. It leads
to aggravation of Pitta Dosha giving symptoms like acidity, heart burn,
headache, giddiness, burning sensation in eyes, excessive thirst & sweating , skin diseases & weak digestion.

During this hot season (summer) we need to balance our Pitta Dosha,
irrespective of our constitution. To keep ourselves healthy ayurveda emphasizes on Rutucharya (seasonal regimen). We need to have changes made to our diet & life style.

Singapore has a tropical climate and is always warm. To keep our body
cool we should follow Grishma Rutucharya (Regimen for Summer) as seen below –

Here is diet and lifestyle to keep our body cool-


1.Drink plenty of water (not cold from fridge) –helps to flush out toxins (aama) from body.
2.Drink more liquid – Buttermilk, Coconut water, Sharbat/juice (prepared from Amla/Indian Gooseberry), Coriander seed water, Rasudi Herbal mix – It helps to balance Pitta Dosha and cools down the body
3.Take Gulkand (made of rose Petals) 1 tsp every morning- it has cooling effects.
4.Eat fresh food- Include sweet, bitter, astringent food in diet
5.Consume fruits like watermelon, peaches, plums, grapes, pears and
green leafy vegetables.
6.Include milk, ghee in daily meals and eat at the right time
7.Keep gauze soaked in rose water or milk on eyes.
8. Do massage with oils like Chandanadi oil on body (Abhyanga), Head (shiro-abhyanga) and on sole of the feet ( Padabhyanga).
9.Do early morning exercise & Meditation.


It is advisable not to do following-
1. Eating Oily, spicy, (green chillies, hot pepper, garlic, ginger, pickles) salty food , fast food ,fermented food
2. Excessive intake of tea, coffee
3. Consuming sour food like yoghurt, tamarind, tomatoes, citrus fruits
4. Large Intake of cold water, cold drinks and Alcohol
5. Skipping meals
6. Exposure to hot sun for long hours
7. Anger & stress

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