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Frozen shoulder (Avabhahuka)


Apabahuka is a disease that usually affects the Amsa sandhi (shoulder joint). It is produced by vata dosha according to Acharya Sushruta .


Amsa shosha (wasting of the shoulder) can be considered as the preliminary stage of the disease where loss or dryness od shleshaka kapha from amsa sandhi occurs. The next stage that is Apabahuka, occurs due to loss of shelashaka kapha and symptoms like pain during the movement, restricted movement and so on are manifested. As per the Madhukosha teeka (commentary) it is mentioned that the Amsa shosha ia produced by the dhatushaya (depletion of body tissues),that is due to vata and Apabahuka is due to vata and Kapha.




      • Due to injury of vital parts (Marma)
      • Exercises involving too much of shoulder joint.
      • Carrying heavy loads over the shoulder
      • Wrestling with more powerful person
      • Improper posture

      • Nasyam ( nasal drops)
      • Abhyangam( medicated oil massage )

      • Lepam ( herbal paste application)

      • Dhara ( pouring of herbal oils over the shoulder joint )

      • Sneha pana ( consuming medicated ghee or oils )

        Along with the therapy internal medicines play a vital role in trating the condition

Treatment Case Study

  • Tennis Elbowfrozen shoulderfrozen shoulder 1
  • Patient’s age – 62 yrs Sex – M
  • Presenting Complaint– Patient was complaining of acute pain in the left shoulder, with restricted and painful shoulder movements (20 degree angle).
  • Treatment – Advised to undergo 15 days intensive therapy for the shoulder, including the internal medication for 1 month, along with external applications and therapy.
  • Results – Pain reduced after 7days of intense Therapy. Patient was much better on the 7th Day and there was no pain, movement of the shoulder was not painful and could move up to 60 degree angle. Patient was advised to continue the treatment for further 7 days, along with the medicines. At the end of 14th day, patient could easily rotate his shoulder, with no pain. Internal medication for one month was advised by the physician.


   CASE-2                                                           FROZEN SHOULDER

Age-37yrs                                                                                            Sex-Female


  • Pain in the right shoulder, with restricted movement.
  • She is not able to lift the arm after certain point as she feels it is stuck.
  • She is not able to sleep on the right side as it is very painful, morning the stiffness is more.


  • On palpitating the shoulder and arms, it was very tender.


  • Pain and stiffness in the right shoulder past 2 years.


  • Treatment started with lifestyle modification and certain diet restriction.
  • Patient was put under series of therapies (Lepam,kizhi,dhara,sekam) and set of ayurvedic medicines for period of 1month


  • 1st week:- Improvement in the flexibility of arm,less pain and stiffness in the morning.
  • 2nd week:- Arm has become more flexible, she was able to drive her car better with no pain.
  • 3rd week :- Flexibility is good,no feeling of arm getting stuck. Less morning stiffness.
  • 4th week:-Patient was able to move her arm very well with maximum flexibility and no pain. On auscultating the shoulder, patient had no pain.

She was advised to be very light on any physical stress.



  • ’It was a pleasant experience of getting treated and complete recovering from my frozen shoulder condition, at Om Vedic Heritage Centre. The atmosphere and sensitivity to those undergoing treatment is impressive.’ 
  • ’9 March 2013: I came here after several medical help from other sources. But I had a speedy recovery for my frozen shoulder in 2012 at om vedic heritage centre. I came for multiple therapy sessions and got cured. I am very satisfied with the services provided.’


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