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Eczema (Vicharchika)


  • Vicharchika is a kshudra kushtha though involves only epidermis. It is caused due to vitiation of all the three doshas i.e.vata, pitta and kapha. The pitta vitiated vicharchika is very common. Vitiation of skin occurs through imbalance between the pitta and the rakta (blood) to produce Eczema.


  • Characteristics if Vicharchika according to charaka samhita, sushruta samhita and ashtanga hridaya are excessive itching, oozing, dryness, blackish discoloration, thick and hyper pigmented skin.

  • Vata type:- dryness of the skin, pain and severe itching of the effected region.
  • Pitta Type:- Oozing from the effected part, burning sensation and fever.
  • Kapha type:- Thick skin with oozing and itching.

  • Snehana: This method oleates the skin
  • Swedana: This methodinduces sweating which help remove the toxins
  • Panchakarma: This might include
                           vamana( indused emesis)
                           virechana(induced putgestion)
                           Blood letting through various procedures
                           Kashaya dhara ( pouring of herbal decoction)
    MEDICINES: Mahatiktaka ghritam
                        Aragwadadi kashayam etc have provided to be beneficial

Treatment Case Study


  • Age- 28yrs sex-male
  • H/O- Indigestion and dry skin
  • C/O- Red rashes on the skin all over with itching and oozing with cracks occasionally.
  • Patient came here with red patches on the skin, especially legs and arms which were dry with cracks and itchy as well. He was having sleepless nights due to itching past few weeks. His bowels were constipated as well.
  • Patient had firm belief on Ayurveda, hence came to our centre for help. After consulting the Vaidya (ayurvedic physician). He was asked to follow vegetarian diet, along with other diet restrictions and lifestyle modification, till he was on treatment.
  • He was advised for herbal bath and application of herbal paste on the affected skin along with the course of internal medicines, for a period of 15 days. After 1st week of treatment, his itching reduced a lot with the skin colour getting back to normal. At the end of 15 days his condition improved remarkably, now he is not suffering from itching and skin is 90% back to normal. He has been advised to follow diet for few more months to get rid of the toxins.


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Before treatment Eczema after 1 week treatment
Eczema Eczema


Before treatment Eczema after 1 week treatment
Eczema Eczema


 Patient -B

Before treatment Herbal treatment  




Eczema Eczema Eczema Eczema

 Before Treatment                                   After Treatment

 Eczema 1eczema 2


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