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Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar fascitis is one of the most common cause of heel pain.It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissues that run across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes(plantar fascia).

Plantar fascitis comes under vatavyadhi.


Stabbing pain (Usually in the morning ocures after first steps) on the bottom of your feet near the heel.

Pain may decreases and then starts again after long periods of standing

pain may trigger after exercisenot during it.

Mostly effected:

In runners


Who wear shoes with inadequate support


Foot mechanics

Very high arch


Too much pressure to the plantar fascial arch which is like a bowstringwill make damage or tear to the tisssues.


Treatment Case Study


  • Snigdha ruksha
  • Abhyanga ( local )
  • Sweda (ruksha)
  • Internal medicines
  • Raktamikshana ( acc to susruta )
  • Agni karma
  • Proper rest
  • Exercise
  • Patrapotali sweda
  • shashtikashali pinda sweda


  • Patient’s age –  39 yrs Sex – F
  • Presenting Complaint– Patient was complaining of acute pain in the plantar area, pain is very severe in the morning,could not even place the foot on the floor.
  •  The pain is persist all the time,very discomfort to walk also.
  • Treatment – Advised to undergo 7 days intensive therapy for the feet, including the internal medication , along with external applications and therapy.
  • Results – Pain reduced after 7days of intense Therapy. Patient was very happily walking without the pain on the 7th Day of therapy along with the medicines. she can walk comfortbly for long distances. There was no pain in the morning also.Suggested patient to continue internal medicines for 1 months.Asked her to come for folloe up aftre that.she came for follow up after one month,there was no recurrence of symptoms.


PlantarPlantar Facitis


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