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Leuchorrea(Shweta pradara)


Excessive vaginal white discharge know as Shweta Pradara in Ayurveda (lecuorrhea). 


Cause of Pradara

1.  Incompatible food
2. Alcohol intake
3.  Repeated food intake causing indigestion
4. Indigested food
5. repeated abortion
6. Shoka- grief, stress
7. Abhighata – injury
8. Diva nidra – day sleep/sedentary lifestyle
9. Ashuchi – Unhygienic activities, infection

Types of Pradar

1. Vataja
2. Pittaja
3. Kaphaja
4. Sannipataja


Clinical features

foul smelling vaginal discharge





pain in the stomach 

constipation too. 

Treatment Case Study

Ayurvedic Treatment

1. Ashokaristam

2. Musalikhadiradi kashyam

3.Pushyanug choornam

4.Chandrprbha vati



Yoni Dhawan





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