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Uterine Fbroid(Raktagulma)


According to Ayurveda, a uterine Fbroid or Raktagulma is caused due to excessive mental stress, long-term emotional suppression, lack of exercise and the consumption of kapha and vata-exacerbating foods (particularly devitalised junk food, wheat, refined sugar and excess dairy), the digestive fire gets vitiated and dushita kapha where it is unable to conduct its normal physiological functions. Instead it accumulates, blocks the movement of apana vata .As a result, leading to abnormal tissue metabolism and growth, i.e. gulmas(Fbroid tumours).


Clinical features


The most common symptoms are weakness, abdominal swelling, bloating and heavy sensations in the lower abdomen.


katisula (back pain),


raktapradar (includes menorrhagia and inter-menstrual bleeding),

sula(abdominal and pelvic pain or tenderness)



Treatment Case Study



Ayurvedic formulations

cleansing treatments

diet and lifestyle changes that will correct the quantity and quality of the doshas, balance the movement of apana vata kindle agni(digestive fire) A lekhana(scraping, clearing) approach is required to both clear congestion from the digestive tract and channels of circulation, and to reduce the mass .


Other effective formulas include Kanchnar guggulu, Gokshuradi Guggulu,Punarnava guggulu and Triphala guggulu.





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