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Eyes Health


       Eyes are the most important, delicate and beautiful sensory organ in our body. A small carelessness will lead to darkness of our life,so we should take a very good care of our eyes.
      According to Ayurveda Pitta Dosha (element of fire) governs our eyes. Alochak Pitta lives in the eyes. When it is in balance-eyes are healthy, bright, clear with sharp eye sight.Tarpak Kaph keeps eyes lubricated moist  and cool. Prana Vayu is responsible for the movement of eyes, blinking and sensory perception.

  Causes of Eye Diseases-
  1.Improper Diet-Excessive intake of oily, spicy, salty and sour food,
                         Junk Food,Instant food and Fermented food

  2. Improper Lifestyle- Watching Tv & Working on computers for long hours
                                  Improper light/dim light while reading
                                  Reading in moving vehicle
                                  Lack of Sleep and rest
                                  Taking shower with cold water after coming from hot sun

  3.Excessive Heatiness of the body
  5.Vit A deficiency

  Due to improper diet  and lifestyle Pitta Dosha gets aggrevated in the body causing imbalance of Alochak Pitta & other doshas in the eyes. Vitiated Dosha in the eyes gives rise to eye diseases.

  Symptoms of Eye diseases-
  Irritated, red eyes
  Burning, Itching of eyes
  Watery discharge
  Dry eye syndrome
  Blurred vision
  Puffiness of eyes

  Diet and Life style Changes
  Eye Exercises
  Ayurvedic preparations like-Triphala Grhitam, Patoladi Grhitam, Triphala Choorna, Elaneer Kuzhumbu( eye Drops)
  Eye Treatment- Akshi Tarpanam/Netra Tarpanam

   Tarpanam is a Sanskrit word means Nourishment . Akshi/Netra Tarpanam is the nourishment of eyes. It is done by retention of medicated ghee on eye orbit.The Dough ring prepared out of Blackgram is applied around the orbit, so not allowing ghee to ooze out. Liquified medicated ghee is poured into the ring  and retained for certain period of time. Person is instructed to blink eyes and  rotate eyeballs in the process.

  It is the eye cleansing process.It gives relaxing and cooling effect on irritated, stressed eyes.It gives nourishment not only to eyes but throughout the whole body.

   Benefits of Tarpanam-
  Balances Vata & Pitta Dosha(medicated ghee helps to cool Pitta & lubricate Vata Dosha)
  Improves eye sight & vision
  Strengthen the optic nerve
  Prevent Different eye diseases
  Prevent formation of Cataract

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