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Dengue (Dandaka Jwara)



                                              DENGUE FEVER (Dandaka Jwara)

                                                     Ayurvedic Perspective

  • Dengue fever is transmitted by Aedes mosquito.There is no vaccine to prevent but there are ways to prevent or avoid getting infection by not allowing stagnation of water at home.


  • The ayurvedic name for dengue is DANDAKA JWARA. This isease is caused mainly by vitiation of vata including imbalance of the pitta and kapha doshas of the body. In this fever,the patient experiences severe pain in the bones so it is called as Dandaka jwara or Break Bone fever.


  • Steep rise and drop in body temperature followed by profuse sweating
  • Feeling chills and burning sensation
  • Rigorous headaches
  • Pain in the lower back, legs, muscles and joints.
  • Low heart rate
  • Low blood platelet count.


  • It is important to take precautionary measures like avoiding water from getting stagnant in and around the house.
  • Drink decoction of Giloy/Amrutha/Guduchi steam thrice daily to increase platelet count.
  • Drink the juice of tender papaya leaves to help increase platelet count.


  • Rice gruel(kanji) is very good as it is light and easy to digest, it can be flavoured with lemon juice in case it is too bland.
  • Rice porridge(khichadi) is also another diet substitute.
  • Oily and spicy stuff should be strictly avoided.
  • Drink plenty of warm/boiled water to keep away from dehydration.
  • Herbal tea made of tulasi,ginger and cardamom should be consumed.



Treatment Case Study



  • Leaves of coriander should be taken to reduced the fever.
  • Food rich in Vitamin c,especially Amla should be consumed as it helps in Iron absorption.
  • Chyavanprash can be taken as an immune booster.
  • Punarnava(Borhavia diffusa) Is herb which helps flush out toxins through perspiration.
  • Amruthotharam kashayam,Amrutha satva are some of the good herbal medicines advised in Dengue fever.
  • Boil tulasi in water and drink this water throughout the day, it helps to build up the immune system.
  • 10-15 basil leaves should be chewed twice a day,to strengthen body’s defence mechanism.
  • Dhatura is an ayurvedic herb which has potency to reduce seriousness of dengue fever,but should be strictly taken after consulting Ayurvedic physician.
  • Fenugreek leaves can be taken as herbal tea to reduce fever.
  • Pomegranate /black grape juice can be taken to increase Blood count.





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