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Cervical Spondylosis (Greeva graham)



Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis, also known as cervical osteoarthritis is a common, age-related condition that affects the joints and discs in the neck. It develops from wear and tear of the cartilage and bones in cervical spine. While it’s mainly due to age, it can be caused by other factors as well.


Bone spurs (bony projections along the edges of bones )
Dehydrated spinal disks
Herniated disks
Work-related activities that put extra strain on neck.
Holding neck in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time .
Family history of cervical spondylosis
Being overweight and inactive.


Pain around neck and shoulder.
Stiff neck.
Headaches that mostly occur in the back of the head
Tingling or numbness that mainly affects shoulders and arms.


In ayurveda it can co-relate with Greeva graham,which is a vata disorder.Some compare this condition with another disease called Vishwachi / Apabahuka.


Food habits that increase Vata Dosha –
Intake of dry, cold/ frozen and light food
Night awakening
Day sleep
Heavy exercise
Suppression of the urges
Weight bearing in the head, shoulder or neck
Walking for long distances


Therapy- Greeva vasthi, Abyanga, Elakizhi, Pizhichil

Some herbs useful in cervical spondylosis:

Castor root
Bala (Sida cardifolia)
Sahachara (Barleria prionitis)
Guggulu (Commiphora mukul)
Shallaki (Boswelia serrata)

Ayurvedic medicines for cervical spondylosis:

Prasarinyadi kashaya
Rasnairandadi kashaya
Sahacharadi kashaya
Rasna saptaka kashaya
Yogaraja guggulu

Oils for external application:

Prasarinyadi taila
Sahacharadi taila
Bala taila
Mahanarayana taila
Mahamasha taila etc

Treatment Case Study

  • Age:58yrs  Gender:M
  • C/O Severe pain and neck stiffness  which radiating to head and shoulders since 1 year
  • He was suffering from head ache also.
  • Pain and stiffness was more in morning time
  • He started ayurvedic medicines and 15 days of therapy.
  • After 15 days of treatment, he got 90% relief and headache was gone.
  • He continued medicines one more month. 


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