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  • These are several types of anxiety including panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and generalised anxiety.
  • Anxiety is a normal human emotion.Many people feel anxious or nervous,when faced with problem at work, before taking a testor making an important decission.Anxiety  disorders are different.They can cause such distress that it interferes with  a person"s ability to lead a normal life.
  • According to ayurveda it comes under MANASICA ROGA.In this condition both body dosas like vata,pitta,kapha & manasika dosas like rajas,tamas are involved.mainly this condition is due to vitiation of prana vata and manasica rogas ( rajas & tamas)
  • Stress: is the root cause of various physical ailments and mental illness. Stress is a term that refers to the physical, mental and emotional strains or tensions on a person.


  • Toxic waste products in the environment.
  • Personality, behaviour and lifestyle of an individual.
  • Emotions such as aggression,impatience,anger,anxiety and fear all of which kindle the body’s stress responses.
  • Eating unhealthy food,smoking,alcohol intake .
  • Internal emotional conflict.
  • Mental stress causes the number of psychosomatic disorder like Hypertension, migraine, severe headache.

Primary Psychological conditions caused purely by mental disorders are:-

  • Kama(lust)
  • Krodha(anger)
  • Lobh(greed)
  • Moha(delusion)
  • Irshya(jealousy)
  • Mana(pride)
  • Madha(euphoris)
  • Shoka(sorrow)
  • Chinta(anxiety)
  • Udvega(neurosis)
  • Bhaya(fear)
  • Harsha(happiness)


Psychiatric conditions caused by the Psycho-physical combination:-

  • Unmada(psychosis)
  • Apasmara(convulsive disorder)
  • Apatanaka(hysteria)
  • Atattvabhinvesha(obsession)
  • Bhrama(illusion,vertigo)
  • Tandra(drowsiness)
  • Klama(neurasthenia)
  • Mada-murcha-sanyasa(loss of sensory perception leading to coma)
  • Madatyaya(alcoholism)
  • Gadodvega(hypochondriasis)


  • Good memory
  • Taking right food at right time
  • Awareness of one’s responsibilities
  • Awareness of self and beyond self
  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene
  • Doing things with enthusiasm
  • Cleverness and discrimination
  • Being brave
  • Perseverance
  • Maintaining cheerfulness irrespective of the situation
  • Fearlessness in facing situation
  • Sharp intellectual functioning
  • Self sufficiency
  • Following goo value system
  • Ability to proceed steadfastly against all odds




  • Feeling of panic,fear,and uneasiness
  • Problems in sleeping 
  • Cold or sweaty hands and/or feets
  • Short ness of breath
  • Heartpalpitations
  • An inability to be still & calm
  • Dry mouth
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet


Treatment Case Study


  • Age:30yrs Gender:F
  • C/O Panic attacks since 10years.
  • She came here with severe panic attacks,could not sleep properly,could not concentrate on her work becauseof panic attacks.
  • she felt very tired, she was getting severe head aches also.
  • she was under anti anxietymedicines for many years.she does not want to continue the medicines,so she came here.
  • Lot of counselling was required in this case along with the life style modificationsnad diet changes.She was
  • put under the therapies for 14 sessions along with the ayurvedic medicines.After the 7days of therapy.
  • shewas better,she got panic attacks only once or twice in 7 days,her sleep also increased,gradually her conditionhas increased following further course of therapy.
  • after completion of the therapies no panic attacks,sleep increased,energy levelsalso increased.
  • Asked her to follow same diet, life style and medication for another 2 to 3 months.






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