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Osteoarthritis( Sandhivata)


  • Sandhigata vata is the commonest form of articular disorder. It is a type of vata vyadhi which commonly occurs in old age due to depletion of body tissues (Dhatus) and increase of vata, which limits every activity such as walking, dressing, bathing etc. thus making people disabled/dependent on others. It is considered as kashtasadhya (gets treated with difficulty). Osteoarthritis is a multi-factorial, non-inflammatory degenerative joint disorder. It mainly occurs in weight bearing joints. In females who have menopaused are prone to sandivata, due to dhatukshaya (rasa dhatu - plasma).
    It is characterised by pain and swelling in the joints with tenderness as well, lack of movements of joints/painful movement of joints.
  • Intake of vatahara medicines like medicated ghee along with Abhyangam (warm ayurvedic oil application), sudation (swedana with vatshara dravya's), application of herbal paste etc.

Treatment Case Study

  • Female  
  • Age -60yrs
  • C/O- Pain and stiffness in the knees. She is not able to walk more than 5min as she feels tired and heaviness in the knees. Often she has observed swelling around the knees, if she stands for long.
  • H/O- Pain and stiffness in the knees past 5 years. She has been taking medicines as in pain killers but pain arises once the effect of medicines goes down.
  • Ayurvedic approach:-
  • Patient was examined and diagnosed with arthritis. She was  advised to follow some lifestyle and diet modification, along with some ayurvedic herbal medicines and therapies. Therapies sessions minimum of 7-14 were recommended and medicines to be followed for at least 1 month.Patient was asked to come for regular follow up every week.
  • Observation:-
  • After 1st week :- Patient was able to move more comfortable with  mild stiffness and restriction. Pain still persisted with less intensity.
  • 2nd week :- Reduced pain and more flexibility
  • 3rd week :- reduced swelling and able to walk more than 30 min at a stretch.
  • 4th week:- No more pain and good flexibility.
  • Patient was advised to do follow up every 15 days for 2 months and take medicines for 2 months.


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