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Heel Spur


  • Heel Spur can be correlated with VataKantaka in Ayurveda. This is a common cause of heel pain which is predominant at the age of 40 to 60. This condition occurs due to kapha dosha along with vata dosha. Vitiation of kapha leads to inflammation in the joint. Excess calcium deposition and spur formation occurs. Vitiated kapha blocks the normal path of the vata srothas. Because of these two vitiated doshas pain and inflammation occurs in the joint.


  • Habit of long walk
  • Over weight
  • Flat foot
  • Age
  • Barefoot walk
  • Improper footwear



  • Spur can be asymptomatic
  • Intense pain after prolonged rest
  • More pain in the morning
  • Inability of bearing weight on the affected hee
  • Changes in walking pattern
  • Intermittent pain while walking and running
  • Slight numbness


  • Snigdha ruksha
  • Abhyanga ( local )
  • Sweda (ruksha)
  • Internal medicines
  • Raktamikshana ( acc to susgruta )
  • Agni karma
  • Proper rest
  • Exercise
  • Yoga for mental reliefe



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