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Vitiligo (Shwetakushta)


  • This is the non-infectious disorder of the skin where white lesion (patches)are formed
  • Vitiligo in Ayurveda can be compared to 'Shvitra' or 'Shweta Kusth'                                           
  • Ayurvedic View- It is due to the vitiation of doshas, predominantly kapha (water) and pitta (fire), but can be considered as Tridoshaja Vyadhi (all three doshas are involved). The doshas in turn will affect the rasa (plasma), rakta (blood) and mamsa (muscle tissue) of a person, leading to the white patches. It does take a long time to get cure of this condition, depending on the extent of vitiation of Doshas.
  • Modern View:- it is the deficiency of body to produce Melanin (Colour Pigment) which gives our skin its pigmentation, that is colour.


  • Milky White Patches on Skin
  • Skin Discolouration
  • Patches are more common in areas where the skin is exposed to ths Sun.
  • Patches may be on hands, feet, arms ,face & lips.


  • Detox procedures like virechana are prescribed for the the patients .
  • Internal medicines like Manjistadi kashayam, Khadirarishtam etc to get rid of accumulated toxins (ama )& for Purification of Blood.
  •  Diet and life style advice
  • Panchkarma Treatment might take range from vamana,virechana,lepam etc.

Treatment Case Study

  • Patient’ age – 14 yrs Sex – F
  • Presenting Complaint– Patient came to our centre with her parents in 2012. Her lips, knees, feet had whitish discolouration. Because of this condition she was suffering from very low self esteem. She lacked confidence to appear in public. Her parents were very concerned and had been trying everything which they thought was best for her. They came to our centre with a hope to see a cure for their daughter.
  • Ayurvedic Approach: A detailed consultation with the Ayurvedic consultant was done. She was put on a strict diet and modification in her life style to bring back the self confidence in her. Along with this Ayurvedic medicines were also advised by the physician and a mild detox therapy.
  • After a month white patches on the knees and feet seemed to be regaining their natural skin colour. She was still advised to follow the same regimen. Regular follow ups were advised and after 3 months of treatment Knees and feet were completely back to its natural skin colour while the lips were slowly getting pink in colour. After 4 months patient was still advised to follow the strict diet for 3 more months.


Vitiligovitiligobefore treatmentfvitiligoafter teatment


  • My daughter came to Omvedic to seek treatment for vitligo. Doctor took at least an hour to get to the root cause of the condition. My daughter was put under strict diet and medicines. Within one moth the patches started to cover with the normal skin texture. After 3months the marks are completely healed. It is amazing how ayurveda has helped my daughter and helped get back her confidance.

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