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  • Sinusitis is the inflammation of one or more of paranasal sinuses,often as the complication of rhinitis. In Ayurvedic medicine sinusitis is discussed under the classification of Pratishyaya and related conditions including pinasa,it is a tridoshaja vyadhi (involvement of vata,pitta and kapha).
  • According to Madhava Nidana pratishayaya is caused by several factors,including suppression of urges,indigestion,exposure to smoke,dust and pollen,abnormal climate,injury to the head,excessive talking,insomnia,sleeping during the day,drinking very cold water and exposure to cold weather.
  • According to sushrita vata and other doshas(i.e. Pitta and kapha) singly or all together and also rakta,vitiated by their respective exciting factors accumulate in the head giving rise to various symptoms of head ache, irritation and inflammation of the mucosa of the nose,pharynx and larynx,dry cugh,etc.



    • Dry throat
    • Scanty mucus discharge
    • Excessive sneezing
    • Hoarseness of voice
    • Pain in the temples


    • Sinus inflammation
    • Yellowish to red discharge
    • Fever
    • Burning sensations


    • Thick whitish discharge
    • Itching of the throat,palate,lips and head.
    • Facial swelling
    • Sleepiness
  • Symptoms of Pratishayaya that appear and reappear are caused by all the three doshas. The Madhava Nidana further states that when pratishayaya is not treated at proper time,it might be incurable then.


  • Nasyam(a type of panchkarma), it is a therapy where medicated nasal drops are put in the nostrils(dose is decided by the doctor),it helps to clear the blockage of the sinuses and relieve the head ache.
  • Medicines like dashamoolakatutrayam kashaym,indukant kashayam,chyavanprash and haridra khandam have proved to be beneficial, but the medicines should be taken after consulting Ayurvedic physician.

Treatment Case Study


  • Case Study 1:
  • Patient’s age – 14 yrs Sex – F
  • History
  • Patient was complaining of acute pain and tenderness above the eye brows and heaviness over the nose and cheeks, the onset of which had started 3 months prior to visiting us. The pain would get triggered if she exercised or was exposed to sunlight for a long duration.
  • Treatment –
  • Advised to undergo nasyam (a treatment wherein medicated oil is administered through the nostrils) for 7days, including the internal medication for 1 month, along with some diet restrictions.
  • Results
  • Pain reduced after 3 days of nasyam with much improvement seen after the 7th session and was completely relieved from the tenderness above the eye brows and heaviness on the cheeks and nose. Patient is still continuing with the internal medication and intermittent nasyam.
  • Case Study 2:
  • Sex-Female age-36 yrs
  • History-
  • Deviated nasal septum with sinusitis past 15 years. Underwent surgery few years back and paid thousands of dollars, condition seemed to improve but after few months, symptoms came back, with head ache, dizziness , lethargy and sleepiness.
  • C/O- Severe headache, more visible past 6 months with tiredness, fatigue and heaviness of head.
  • Treatment:-
  • After detailed consultation with the vaidya (ayurvedic physician) lot of changes in the diet and lifestyle of the patient were made. Nasyam(panchkarma) 10 sessions were advised along with ayurvedic medicines.
  • First two sessions patient did not find much of the relief, but after 2nd session patient started to feel very light and less congestion in the sinus areas. With each session condition started to improve day by day. At the end of the session patient's energy levels were good, feeling completely relieved of dizziness, heaviness, lethargy and no more sleepiness.
  • Patient was advised to follow the diet and lifestyle strictly with Ayurvedic medicines for 2 more weeks, as a preventive measure.


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