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  • Insomnia is a state of inadequate sleep. It may take the form of an inability to fall asleep or of a tendency to wake up in the night and be unable to go back to sleep. It is called as "anidrata" according to Ayurveda. Sleeplessness/nidranasa occurs due to increase vata dosha. Disturbed sleep/alpanidrata occurs due to increase pitta dosha.



  • can occur due to *stress/depression *acute medical condition/surgical illness*acid reflux*change in work shift *withdrawal from drug, alcohol*intake of tea/coffee *intake of alcohol*intake of food when previous food is not digested .All these factors leads to vata prakopa,which in turn leads to agni mandya(hampered digestive fire) eventually to nidranasa. Samhita says that sleep is considered as one among the three upasthamba of human body, others are ahara and brahmacharya. So an individual should carry out measures to induce good sleep and prevent insomnia and lead a healthy life.
  • Following are some tips to induce a good night's sleep:-

    -Abhyanga and snehana (daily)…massaging body with oils

    Avoiding excessive intake of tea/coffee esp at night.

    -Intake of warm milk before going to bed.

    -Having dinner early at night

    -Regular gentle body massage and taking a warm shower are some of simple measures that help in inducing good sleep.

    -Even yoga asanas are helpful in such conditions.

Treatment Case Study


1. Ashwagandha choornam is the best medicine for insomnia





6.panchakarma therapies like

  • Abhyanga
  • Swedana
  • Shirodhara


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