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Infertility (Vandhyatwa)



  • Failure to achieve conception by a couple of mature age, having normal coitus, during appropriate period of menstrual cycle, regularly ,atleast for one year is termed as infertility.
  • Harita (commentator )has defined vandhyatva (infertility) as a failure to achieve a child rather than pregnancy, because he has included, having repeated abortions and repeated still births also under the classification.
  • Infertility is not an individual disease, rather than a cardinal feature of so many diseases. Charaka and Vagbhata have referred Vandhya (infertility) due to abnormality in the beejamsha (sperm/ovum). Among the important factors or constituents of garbha (zygote/embryo/fetus),ayurvedic authors have included Ritu (season/fertile period), Kshetra (healthy reproductive organs), ambu(proper nutrient fluid) and beeja (sperm and ovum), clarity or normalcy of hrdaya (psychology), proper functioning vayu (normal nervous system) and shadbhavas (mother,father,atma,satwa,satmya an rasa).
  • Abnormalities of yoni(reproductive organs),psychology, shukra (sperm),asrk (menstrual flow), diet and mode of life, coitus at improper time and loss of bala (strength) have been include in the causes of delay in achieving conception by an otherwise fertile women by Charaka. The women suffering from diseases of vata, if copulates with husband, then also she does not conceive. Normalcy of psychology has been given highest importance for achieving conception.
  • Treatment of specific causes responsible for infertility such as treatment of all the gynaecological disorders including injury to the uterus or its prolapsed, diseases of shukra and arthava(sperm and ovum/menstrual disorders) should be done.

  • Use of enema in infertility due to diseases of vata is highly beneficial. Infertility gets cured by use of purgation. By using Basti/enema reproductive organ becomes healthy and fertile. Abhyangam is one of the most beneficial therapies for infertility. Oils that are beneficial are:- dhnanwantharam thailam, narayana thailam, bala thailam,etc.

    Intake of medicated ghee is considered as nourishing and helps balance the hormonal issues leading to infertility. Ghees like Phalasarpis, dadimadi ghrutham,etc. Along with the medicines and therapies diet and lifestyle plays a vital role in the conditions like infertility.

Treatment Case Study

  • 2013 (Age-42 years)
  • H/O- Patient had a history of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) past 3years.She came to know about it after she went for her first IVF(in Vitro fertilization). Done IVF thrice but failed to conceive.
  • Presenting Complaint:- Patient wants to conceive, but with the help of Ayurveda alone.

    Observation:-Patient was under weight and scanty menses for 3 days.

  • Treatment:- First focus was to treat PCOD and regulate the mensis and bring hormonal balance, with the help of medicines and therapies. She was prescribed some medicated ghee,like :-sukumara ghritham,phalasarpis and dadimadi ghrutham , arishtams(concoctions) and Kashayams(decoctions)like Sukumara kashayam,etc, after consulting with the ayurvedic consultatnt) along with the course of detox therapies particularly Abhyangam followed by virechana(Purgetion). Strict   diet and lifestyle changes were advised.

  • Result:- Patient had put on almost 5 Kilo grams and conceived after 1 year of treatment.




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