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Ganglion cysts are very common lumps within the hand and wrist that occur adjacent to joints or tendons.  The most common locations are the top of the wrist , the palm, side of the wrist, and is filled with clear fluid or gel.


The cause of these cysts is unknown although they may form in the presence of joint or tendon irritation or mechanical changes.They occur in patients of all ages.


Treatment Case Study

  • Patient’s age –  32 yrs Sex – F
  • Presenting Complaint– Patient is suffering from round swelling on the wrist with smooth surface and round borders.The swelling is tensely cystic and fluctuant.no pain,but size is gradually increasig in size.
  • Treatment – Advised to undergo external lepam , including with the internal medication. 
  • Results – Patient came for follow up after one moth sizecyst reduced to 1/4th and suggested her continue the same medicines and external apply cation for 2 more months,patient came for follow up afterthat the size of the cyst reduced to 3/4th and after two months came for follow up the cyst was completely disappear. 


Ganglion cyst


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