Tulsi also known as “Holy Basil” is worshiped in Indian Tradition. Besides being auspicious it has many health benefits. Traditionally it is used in Malarial fevers, Gastric disorders, and in Hepatic conditions. It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties and useful in respiratory tract infections.

Ayurvedic Properties-

  • Taste (Rasa)- Pungent, Bitter
  • Quality (Guna)-Light to digest(Laghu), Dry(Ruksh), Piercing(Tikshna)
  • Potency (Virya)-Hot
  • Properties after Digestion (Vipaka)-Pungent
  • Effect on Tridosha- Balances Vata and Kapha Dosha, Increases Pitta Dosha.
  • Parts Used- Leaf, root, seeds

In Sushruta Samhita it is mentioned that “Which pacifies both Kapha & Vata and destroys Toxins (Ama), breathing problems, respiratory area heaviness, cough and Bad odours is Tulsi.”

Benefits of Tulsi-
1. Fever- The juice of tulsi leaves can be used to bring down fever. It act as a prevention against Malaria and Dengue fever. ( Jwaraghna)
2. Respiratory System- It is very useful in sorethroat, cough, bronchitis and Asthma. Decoction of the leaves with honey and ginger is an effective remedy in Respiratory tract diseases. ( Swasahara, Kasahara)
3. Digestive System- It  has Digestive, carminative properties. It checks vomiting and destroys intestinal worms. Tulsi seeds are very useful to stop Dysentry.( Deepan, Pachan, Krumighna)
4. Circulatory System- It is a heart tonic and helps to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. ( Hrudya)
5. Excretory System- Tulsi is a great Diuretic. It has strengthing effect on the kidneys. Juice of tulsi leaves with honey helps to expel kidney stones. ( Mutrala, Ashmarihara)
6. Skin-Tulsi has Antifungal, anti-bacterial properties. It improves complexion. Paste of leaves can be used on boils, itches, urticaria , acne, ringworm  and  Insect bites.
7. Mouth ulcers & infection – A few leaves chewed will cure these condition. Tulsi decoction can be used as gargles or can apply as a paste in case of Pyorrhoea, bleeding gums or bad breath.
8. Earache- Tulsi leaf juice poured in ear cures earache ( Karnapuran)
9. Greying of hair- Head bath with tulsi and amla water extract can prevent greying of hair.
10. Headache- Tulsi leaves paste with sandalwood powder can apply externally or can take decoction of leaves internally.
Tulsi increases immunity power and also has anti-biotic, anti-oxidant and anti-stress properties.
It is available in the form of Choornam, Syrups, capsules, Tea and Creams.

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