Akshi Tarpanam

Eyes are the most important, delicate and beautiful sensory organ in our body.
According to Ayurveda Pitta Dosha (element of fire) governs our eyes. When it is in balance-eyes are healthy, bright, clear with sharp eye sight.
Due to improper diet and lifestyle Pitta Dosha gets aggrevated in the body causing imbalance in the eyes. Vitiated Dosha in the eyes gives rise to eye disorders.

Symptoms being –

• Irritated, red eyes
• Burning, Itching of eyes
• Watery discharge
• Dry eye syndrome
• Blurred vision
• Puffiness of eyes
• Headache

Treatment –

• Diet and Life style Changes
• Eye Exercises
• Ayurvedic preparations like-Triphala Grhitam, Patoladi Grhitam, Triphala Choorna, Elaneer Kuzhumbu( eye Drops)
• Eye Treatment- Akshi Tarpanam/Netra Tarpanam

Akshi/Netra Tarpanam in sanskrit means, nourishment of eyes.
It is the eye cleansing process.It gives a relaxing and cooling effect on irritated, stressed eyes.It gives nourishment not only to eyes but throughout the whole body.

Benefits of Tarpanam –

• Balances Vata & Pitta Dosha(medicated ghee helps to cool Pitta & lubricate Vata Dosha)
• Improves eye sight & vision
• Strengthen the optic nerve
• Prevent Different eye diseases
• Prevents formation of Cataract

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