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(by Intracresco Pte. Ltd.)

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Ananda Yoga for Beginners

(1 hour per session)

Ananda Yoga, also known as ‘Meditation in action’, resembles a kind of spiritual dance. The way you get into and out of the asana (yoga posture), is as important as the asana itself. This creates a mood, a state of consciousness where – with time - the practitioner and the essence of the asana become one.

Anyone can practice Ananda yoga and receive marvelous benefits on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual. There is no need to be young, slim or flexible. Each person can find an expression of this practice that suits his or her condition, ability and goals.

Yoga to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality

(1.5 hours per session)

Cosmic Energy is within and around you – recharging the body at all times. One can call on that eternal supply of energy to make the body fit in every respect.

Through this yoga routine, practitioners will learn to approach their body in terms of cosmic energy (life force or prana) and magnetism. They will learn practical ways in which to harness the cosmic energy present within and around them and to use it as transformative tool to rejuvenate every body cell and achieve better health and vitality.

This tailored yoga routine contains  yogasanas, pranayama, diet principles, and simple yet powerful techniques to draw on the latent healing energy present within your body.

Yoga for Inner Calm

(1.5 hours per session)

The body, mind and soul need to work in harmony for our highest wellbeing. Often times however, modern lifestyle, work and societal needs seem to throw us out of balance, pushing us into “fight or flight” mode. In the long run these can cause serious health issues.

“Yoga for Inner Calm” is designed to give you the ability to center yourself, strengthen your immune system and most of all be in control regardless of the external situation.

Yoga to Restore and Renew

(1.5 hours per session)

Harnessing the principles of restorative yoga, “Yoga to Restore and Renew” emphasizes on slowing down and allowing one to relax into their superconsciousness.

Practitioners will learn to stretch passively, soothing away aches, pain and sore muscles. This class is not about how much you do, it is more about how well you relax. For a relaxed and highly focused mind is able to journey inward with great ease.  

About Kavitha Shekar

Kavitha Shekar is a Yoga Alliance certified (RYT 200) yoga trainer, specializing in Ananda Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Spiritual Yoga and Fitness Yoga. Her signature classes include, Yoga to Restore and Renew , Yoga for Inner Calm, and Yoga to achieve Glowing Health and Vitality.

She incorporates ancient wisdom and modern scientific methods in her yoga routines to help practitioners get healthy, gain vitality and harness their latent energy. 

In the past, Kavitha has worked as a medical writer and editor at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and several medical communications companies in Singapore.

Her cheerful and energetic persona makes sessions memorable and inspiring for all.

In her spare time, Kavitha brings yoga and meditation as a form of relief to cancer survivors and nurses and hopes to one day see this reaching many more in need. 

About Intracresco Pte. Ltd.

In Latin, Intra means “inner” and cresco means “growth” and this is exactly what we focus on!

At Intracresco we see people in totality – encompassing body, mind and Spirit (three tenants). We believe that achieving balance and harmony across the three tenants helps you unleash your latent potential and nurture this to its highest possible expression.

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