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Amenorrhoea/ Oligomenorhoea (Anartava/Arthvakshya)


  • Destruction of Arthava (nashtarthava) or non appearance of Arthava (anarthava) has been discribed by Sushruta and Vagbhata respectively.
    The doshas(Vata and akpha) obstruct the passage or orifices of channels carrying arthava, thus arthava is destroyed and not discharged. Though in nashtartava, the artava is not totally destroyed, yet, it is not evident due to obstruction of orifices of its channels. The roots of these channels are in uterus and uterine arteries. Thus in this condition though arthava/estrogen,etc, ovarian harmones are normal ,yet blood is not properly accumulated in endometrium, nourished by uterine arteries. This is the amenorrhoea caused by endometrial abnormalities.
  • Arthavakshaya has been described by the Sushruta as the deficiency of Arthava, which is an updatu.(it can be compared the estrogen deficiency). Oligomenoorhoea can be due to the deficiency of either Rasa(Plasma) and Rakhta(blood) dhatus or oestrogen or both.

    In the event of defeciency or loss of arthava, the mensturation does not appear in its appropriate time or is delayed (intermenstrual period is prolonged), is scanty and does not last for 3 days. There is also pain in Vagina. Chakrapani (commentator) opines that this pain is due to aggravation of vayu caused by loss of arthava which fills the region (uterus). Specific desires of the women suffering from arthavakshaya -desires hot, sour, salty, spicy and heavy food articles.

  • Internal medicines to balance the harmones(estrogen),to help regulate the mensis. With the detox(panchkarma) procedures which removes the blockes channels in the female reproductive system.

  • Herbs helpful in regulating the mensis:-
  • Shatavari,
  • Kumari(Aloevera),
  • Ashoka,etc.
  • Articles (food/medicines) capable of increasing pitta are benificial. Detox procedures are best advised by the Ayurvedic consultant. Medicated Ghee and the Herb Shatavari are benificial. Black sesame seeds with jaggery is one of the home remedies used in Amennorhoea.

Treatment Case Study


  • Amenorrhoea:-Success Story
  • Age:- 27years,Unmarried.                Weight- 71kgs
  • C/O- Patient complaints of no menstrual cycle past 2 years. She has been gaining weigh since then, upto -10kgs. She had her scans done, blood tests done, but nothing abnormal was seen.
  • H/O – Absent Menses past 2 years. It was irregular before 2 years but never missed it for such a long period. Her appetite was low, but cravings foe sweet or carbohydrates was high. She also had face full of acne past 2 years.
  • Ayurvedic Approach:-
  • Primary focus was to reduce the weight and regulate the periods. Patient was put on low carbohydrate diet and lot of vegetables and fruits were included. Many of dairy products and meat products were cut off from the diet.
  • She was given some ayurvedic medicines along with some therapies to reduce the weight and acne and increase the blood circulation, for a period of 1 month.
  • 1st follow up after 15 days :- weight was less by 2 kgs.
  • 2nd follow up after 1 week:- weight reduced by 3kgs
  • 3rd follow up  after 1 week :- weight reduced by 3kgs
  • Now patient weighed about -63kgs
  • She advised to continue the medicines and therapies for further 1month and was advised to do follow up.
  • After 1 month her weight was about -60kgs. And had got her Menses, which were very normal with little bit of cramps. After 3 months her menses were very regular.


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